Microsoft Prepares the Public Deployment of Windows 11

The first Windows 11 release this year has been designated for October 5 and is ready for public roll-out immediately. The final work on Windows 11 Version 21H2 (October 2021 Software) was launched by Microsoft and the testers are now able to download the update on the Release Preview Channel.

Finally Windows 11 has hit the Release Preview Channel and can now be tried on primary devices as long as relevant drivers are installed. Note that there is a little tweaking remaining so minor bugs can occur in Windows 11 Build 22000.194, which is sent to testers in Release Preview.

Microsoft plans to improve the overall experience with Windows 11 version 21H2 during the next several weeks as part of the standard service rate of the tech company.

It should be mentioned that Windows 11 is currently available for preview testers to be released via the Microsoft seekers scheme.

As shown in the above screenshot, when you have logged in for the release preview channel you must see Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update and Check for updates and select the “download and install” option for the Windows 11 manually.

If you choose “stay on Windows 10 for now”, you’ll get Windows 10 version 21H2 (October 2021 Update).

Those with hardware compatible can upgrade Windows 11 as a simple Windows Update, therefore the process is easy. Windows 11 is expected to be about 3GB because it has made a number of modifications over the past few years compared to Windows 10 feature upgrades provided.

With regard to modifications, Windows 11 includes a new Start menu lookup, a new notification centre, a new Microsoft Store, new inbox applications, and more.

The redesigned Start Menu sans live tiles and modern (downgraded) Task Bar is one of the main changes in the OS. Microsoft has not improved the Start Menu Experience and is working on a new feature named “Sign-in Options” above the power options.

Windows 11 rollout plans

Even if your device is ready for Windows 11, on October 5 it is not possible to see this update. The update is initially only available to select devices. If you can’t wait for Windows 11, you can manually download and install it using media creation tools and the update assistant. You can also install this manually.

If delayed deployment is effective, it can take a few weeks for more devices to experience Windows 11.

Officials from Microsoft indicated that after October 5, additional upgrades will release to fix the remaining operating system problems.

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