Microsoft’s AI Coding Assistant Copilot Now Freely Available as Android App

has released a free application that provides access to the artificial intelligence-powered coding assistant . The app allows developers to leverage Copilot's suggestions for potential code completions as they write code directly on their Android devices.

Copilot draws context from comments and code to suggest completions using techniques like natural language processing and deep learning. It is designed to help developers write code more quickly and with fewer errors.

The Android app provides the core Copilot experience without a need for developers to configure remote access to Copilot development environments. This makes Copilot easier to use for coding on the go.

Microsoft charges for more robust cloud-based access to Copilot under its Azure platform. However, the company says it released this free client to democratize access to AI and enable more developers to benefit from AI assistance regardless of their financial resources.

Early reviews indicate Copilot can boost productivity but some express concerns about its code generation capabilities and potential licensing issues. Microsoft acknowledges the technology remains young but encourages responsible use while it continues to develop Copilot's abilities.

The Android launch follows Microsoft's preview launch of Copilot integration in its Visual Studio Code editor last year. It brings Copilot directly to developers in a convenient mobile package.

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