The Role of Technology In the Future Of Education

Imagine yourself sitting in front of a screen and attending a virtual course. You are able to interact with your instructor and peers from any position in the globe. You get the chance to be in class during daytime, evenings, daytime, night, weekends…

The Role of Technology in the Future of Education

The reliance on technology in education spans back to the earliest records of university curricula. Now, artificial intelligence has the potential to teach, grade, and monitor quizzes without requiring a teacher.

How does Technology Improve Learning?

Technology has a wide range of impacts on learning. A Stanford study found that the impact of laptop ownership varied by socioeconomic status: students from poorer backgrounds showed an improvement, whereas students from wealthier backgrounds were less likely to see one. Paragraph: While

How Technology Affects Teaching and School Culture

Technology is the greatest thing that has ever happened to education. It gives teachers more opportunities, a technology teacher will have a whole lot of great tools at their fingertips, and classrooms are fun again because they’re interactive and engaging. Plus, for children who

The Potential Risks Posed by Technology

Technology is a powerful tool that seems to play a pivotal role in the future of education. This blog comes as a discussion about how advanced technologies are posing potential risks. Change and progress are inevitable but before we go racing ahead, we should acknowledge the tools

How Technology Can Improve Lives, Save Time, and Cost Less

Last month I taught an MBA-level course on the management of innovation in relatively isolated Indonesian villages without wi-fi connections. The good news is I discovered that time, resources and IT tools can be cheaper or free if you are creative enough.

What Current Work is Being Done to Fight Against the Negative Side

One of the roles technology can play in the future is levelling the playing field for those at different economic levels. The current work being done to fight against the negative side effects on students in low socioeconomic areas includes integrating AI instructors with advanced learning environments.

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