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TeleDrive: To make Telegram become a free, limitless cloud storage service, use this simple approach

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TeleDrive, an open source cloud storage platform, has come up with a simple way to use the encrypted messaging service Telegram to provide free cloud storage for its users.

Telegram includes an API that developers may use to access the service’s cloud storage capability in addition to unrestricted file sharing and encryption. TeleDrive’s developers have found a solution to provide unlimited cloud storage to subscribers by utilizing the Telegram API.

After logging into your Telegram account, you’ll need to connect your account to TeleDrive. A daily bandwidth limit of 1.4 GB and an upload and download limit of 2 GB are in place, however you can upload as many files as you like from here for free.

However, TeleDrive’s $10-a-year fee can easily remove these restrictions. It’s still possible to utilize all of the service’s core capabilities, such as limitless file sizes and uploads, on the company’s free plan. In addition to using Telegram’s storage and saving your files in the Messages part of the app, TeleDrive is also private by default.

What is TeleDrive?

If Telegram continues to allow developers access to its API, this is a great idea that might be handy for folks who don’t want to pay for cloud storage or backup services. A cloud storage API restriction or discontinuation by Telegram would be the demise of TeleDrive.

There are charges associated with open source projects even if TeleDrive’s website is free to use. The program currently relies on sponsors, but it aims to incorporate advertising on its website to help cover some of these costs.

However, all of the files that you keep in your TeleDrive cloud storage will be set to be private by default, but you can choose to make them public by creating a unique URL for each one. Other Telegram users’ usernames work just as well for sending these files.

In the short term, TeleDrive could be a good solution, but for long-term cloud storage needs, iDrive and ExpressVPN are all excellent options, and you can also get free Backblaze storage when you sign up for either service.

Via Techradar

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