Windows 11 is now Available from Microsoft

is now available to everyone in the world, thanks to . Existing 10 users with eligible PCs can download the upgrade for free.

You can wait for Windows Update to make the update available to you before upgrading to Windows 11. If your PC satisfies all the requirements, Windows 11 will be released as an upgrade in the following weeks.

The alternative is to use the Windows 11 Download Assistant from Microsoft. This works in a manner similar to that of Microsoft's Windows 10 implementation. Once the update has been downloaded, you may begin the installation procedure at your convenience using the provided tool.

Windows 11 Interface
Image Credit: GSMArena

You may also download an installation media creator programme from the website, which creates an USB drive you can use to install Windows 11 from scratch. You may alternatively download an ISO file and burn it to a DVD to complete the installation the old-fashioned way instead.

There are a lot of new features in Windows 11, including a completely redesigned user interface, an updated taskbar and Start menu, Widgets, and support for Android apps in the Microsoft Store. There are also new themes, as well as Snap Layouts and Groups for multitasking and window management, as well as DirectStorage, Auto HDR, and other enhancements coming in Windows 11.

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