How to Take a Screenshot on Windows PC or Laptop?

When using a phone, almost everyone understands how to take a screenshot, but it is less widely known when Using a PC.

It's not tough to capture a screenshot, but sometimes it's not easy or evident how to actually accomplish it. Taking screenshots is something that everyone should know how to do, given how helpful they can be for business or for showing people something they ought to see online.

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In addition, using a Windows computer or laptop, there are numerous methods to do it, and beyond the standard , other alternatives are available. You can use as many as six different screenshot-taking commands on Windows.

Using Print Screen (PrtScn)

If you hold down this key, the full screen will be captured. In cases where more than one appears, it represents everything on all of them in a single picture. This, however, only copies the image and does not automatically save it.

Using Alt + Print Screen

By capturing one window, this choice only applies to the selected window. However, to use the key command, you must first highlight the desired window. This does not save the image.

Using Win + Print Screen

This option captures the full screen, just as the Print Screen option, except instead of saving the image to the computer's C:UsersPictures>Screenshots folder, the image is saved by default and placed in C:UsersPictures>Screenshots.

Using Win + Shift + S

This feature makes advantage of Snip & Sketch, a built-in screenshot tool. This dims the screen, You will now see four options: Rectangular Snip, Freeform Snip, Window Snip, and Fullscreen Snip. You cannot save screenshots, and instead will have them transferred to the clipboard.

Using Win + G

The Xbox Game Bar is now open. It's as simple as capturing the image, and then clicking on the camera icon to save it to C:Users>(user name)>Videos>Captures.

Using Win + Alt + Print Screen

It grabs the active window and saves to a location C:Users>(user name)>Videos>Captures.

Using Alternative: The Snipping Tool

While it doesn't offer as much versatility as other built-in options, the Snipping Tool is undoubtedly one of the best built-in tools available. That's correct, albeit you must specify where on the screen you'd like to take screenshots.

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