How to Customize AOD Styles on Android Phones (Easy Guide)

AOD stands for Always-On Display, and it shows important information in the form of icons such as time, date, notifications, weather, and your personalized photos or illustrations on your home screen even when the screen is off.

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phones are a common sight these days and if you have one, have you ever wished to customize the AOD? The AOD has the basic information such as time, date and notifications even when the phone screen is locked. Another aspect of the AOD is that you can make it unique by having different styles, colors, and designs to stand out among the crowd.

Finally, in this complete guide, you will be able to know how to quickly manage AOD styles on Android phones. I will give you tricks and shortcuts that you can use on Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, and other phones. Are you in the mood to give your lock screen a colourful update? Let's begin!

Key Takeaways

  • It has been seen that kind of AOD customization features varies from one Android brand to another.
  • As much as the AOD comes with its own themes, you can also use third party apps to add themes to the phone.
  • These include such things as the ability to change the background color; the type of clock; the icon used to show notifications and etc.
  • Customization is best on those phones that have a solid AOD feature set like Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, etc.
  • Other phones may require third-party apps or launchers, which are not inherently customized on the available phones.

Prerequisites for AOD Customization

Before customizing your Android phone's AOD, ensure:Before customizing your Android phone's AOD, ensure:

  • It is worth mentioning that you have Android 9. 0 or above.
  • It also comes with AOD/Always-on display feature
  • Camera: It has either OLED or AMOLED display for power efficient.
  • Battery saver/optimization mode is deactivated

These prerequisites provide unrestricted access to all aspects of AOD customization. Now let's see how to personalize First of all it's important to understand that there is no universal definition of customization and personalization.

Customize Using In-Built Phone Themes

Samsung, one plus and Xiaomi are some of the Android mobile phones that have integrated AOD themes. Here's how to use them:

Access AOD Customization Settings

Users should go to setting and click on lock screen & Security then either Clock Style or AOD depending on the device. In terms of the path, it can be different across different brands.

How to Customize AOD Styles on Android Phones (Easy Guide)
How to Customize AOD Styles on Android Phones (Easy Guide)

Choose AOD Elements To Customize

You can change the appearance of the clock, colors of the clock, notifications sounds, images or wallpapers, icons used, the type of info shown, etc. Just play around until one recipe suits your taste buds most!

How to Customize AOD Styles on Android Phones (Easy Guide)
How to Customize AOD Styles on Android Phones (Easy Guide)

Use Pre-designed AOD Themes

Open the application on your phone and select the AOD themes. Slide through different options in color, patterns, and designs. Choose one that you would prefer and simply click on Apply.

This automatically modifies the AOD style. It is also possible to refine the applied theme if you want to.

Mix and Match Custom Elements

These are not the only drawbacks of using Canva: You don't like the pre-made themes? No problem! This one is like a ticking time bomb, so bring in clocks of different designs and hues, and info panels to create your own theme. Every single item comes with tens of possibilities.

Once complete, bookmark it as My Theme or some other name. The specific AOD to be customized will appear when your phone is locked.

Use Third-Party Apps for Extra AOD Styles

As delineated in the above steps, most phones should be fine but some have rather basic AOD features. In the same vein, there are third-party apps if you want more customization possibilities for your widgets.

Here are some top picks:

AOD Notify & CustomIcons

It has lakhs of new AOD styles and this is one of the best apps that are available to use. You can either select the category for the puzzle of the day or use the random button for a more random selection. Other controls also enable you to create personal AODs using simple design tools.

Hex Installer

Interested in having the complete UI as well as the AOD to follow a certain theme? Hex does that flawlessly. It can completely alter One UI stock application and system interfaces with breathtaking themes. Hundreds available!

Substratum Theme Engine

Substratum combines without root to set refreshing layers. Specific plugins such as Andromeda provide substantial AOD enhancing capabilities. Numerous of paid/free themes are available for Opera.

Xposed Edge

However, in case you want to have more control over your phone and are not against rooting, there are special modules like Xposed Edge available. Customize every element imaginable! Needs expert handling though.

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

With this widget creator, you will be able to create a widget from the ground up if it is a clock widget that you are looking for. Then, present it as the AOD for the fabulous results obtained.

And many more options. ..

How to Use Third Party AOD Apps

  1. Get the app from google play store
  2. Grant permissions if asked
  3. You can either choose between the various styles that are available in AOD or choose to generate a unique style.
  4. Save/apply new AOD style
  5. Only enable if pop up appears Can be customized or enabled They allow customization when this prompt appears:

That's it! As for the last requirement, the app will be solely responsible for the applying of the adjusted AOD. Change it up anytime.

Pro Tip: The last step is to disable battery optimization for third party apps in Settings. This prevents intermittent issues.

Customize Using Launchers

In this method, you don't install regular launchers on the Android phone you have, but you use custom launchers instead. Now all the launchers such as Niagara, Ruthless, Hyperion, Lawnchair etc. have AOD customization integrated.

Once installed, explore their AOD setting menus to:Once installed, explore their AOD setting menus to:

  • Change colors
  • Add custom images
  • Modify design layout
  • Rearrange elements
  • Create calendar widgets
  • Set notifications popup

And even more for an all-inclusive AOD experience!

It has also been pointed out that there may be fewer options available in launchers comparatively to apps that are specifically designed for customization. However, they offer convenience in that the different ones are all found under one roof.

FAQs About Customizing AOD Styles

Have you got questions about the appearance of the AOD on your phone? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Q. I get this question from my customer frequently: Will AOD customization affect my phone's battery?

A. Not quite, because the AOD can only be triggered by locking your phone and deactivates whenever you are actively using it. But don't overdo it with animation because that may just be too distracting. Do not enable battery optimization as the above steps after that to avoid problems.

Q. Is it possible to switch to default style of AOD if the custom one is not satisfying ?

A. Yes, all customizations are fully reversible and no permanent changes are made. Scroll back to AOD settings -> Themes and click the Default theme. This brings back the original always on display style that is preset and coded by the phone's manufacturer.

Q. Is it necessary to root an Android phone to meet advanced AOD customizing needs?

A. Root access, of course, contributes greatly, but is not an absolute prerequisite. A number of theming apps and launchers available today offer extensive customization without even root access. As for root, only do it if there are specific applications that would require it to run properly.

Q. What are some of the most popular AOD customization apps?

A. The some of the best sources will be AOD Notify, Hex Installer, Substratum, KWGT, Xposed Edge Pro. It is advisable to check your requirements and attempt the ones that are most suitable for your phone.


Well, that wraps up this extensive tutorial on giving your Android phone's AOD a fresh touch! As highlighted above, go through the steps following the flow of device and wish to have a unique always-on display.

It obviously brings in a little more of personal flavor to the item. These are some of the ways that are helpful in overcoming the main concern of making too many changes: It is also good to change styles once in a while. So don't just stick with the standard AOD that comes with your car, you can have it customized to that taste.

We believe that with these tips, it will be easier for you to make adjustments to AOD as per your desired settings. I hope share how your new creation looks on our socials.

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