Google’s June Feature Drop brings exciting updates for Pixel phones and the Pixel Watch

Pixel Watch features

It's a bit late than normal the company usually releases updates on the 1st Monday each month. However, this time is finally releasing its July update to Pixels. This isn't your typical monthly update. It's the most current feature drop. They are released every 3 months in contrast to the updates that are released monthly by the company focus exclusively on fixing security flaws and fixing bugs, the Features Drops also include new capabilities as the title indicates.

The latest version are many new products made by Google and its partners, including for Pixel phones, which it is still supporting and its Pixel Watch.

Start with the phone aspect. In the beginning, you may contact Google Assistant to start emergency sharing or ask Google Assistant to start emergency sharing or even make a security inspection “for some extra peace of mind” as according to the official press release that it will use the scenario that you are running at night and setting the safety check to last for 30 minutes. If you fail to answer the request within the time frame specified the emergency contacts you have will be informed as well as your location in real time is shared with your contacts. As for the Google Assistant, it has two new voices that now add up to 12 voices in US English.

Pixel watch features

Crash detection has been in use for Pixels since the beginning of 2019 to ensure safety for drivers by automatically contacting emergency assistance. The feature is now able to provide your position and status of your call with your emergency contacts, essentially notifying your family members that you've experienced a accident.

Following that next, then, the Pixel 7 Pro comes with Macro Focus for videos, which means “you can create larger-than-life videos of the smallest details, like butterflies fluttering or flowers waving in the wind”, Google says. With the the Pixel 6 as well as newer models, you are able to make self-timed pictures by lifting your hand to activate the timer for either 3 to 10 seconds based the setting you've made. It's a feature several competing phones are equipped with for quite a long time but it's nice to have Google making it available.

Pixel Watch Features

Additionally, on Pixel 6 and newer phones it is possible to convert your photos of 2D backgrounds to “dynamic 3D scenes” for “a truly magical look” along by using new Emoji wallpapers that allow you to combine and mix over 4000 emojis with different designs and shades to make live wallpapers.

Pixel watch Features

The Recorder app allows you to export transcripts in Google Docs “starting next week” to create videos with speaker labels in addition to searching for audio speakers in the recordings. The app will be accessible for 6 and newer devices.

With Google Home, or the Google Home app, you are now able to quickly connect your preferred smart home devices through the lock screen with the new home panel.

The Pixel 6a as well as the Pixel 7a are able to reduce the intensity of their vibrations in the event that they are sitting on a smooth, hard area such as a desk or table. They won't cause you to panic when they start shaking – at the very most, they don't.

Pixel watch features

Another feature previously seen on other sites has been added to Pixels. The Adaptive Charging feature now makes use of “Google AI” to predict an extended charging period in light of your behavior, and it will gradually recharge to full capacity 1 hour before the time when it's supposed to unplug. So, the lifetime of the battery is increased.

Pixel Watch Pixel Watch is now able monitor the oxygen saturation (SpO2) and assist you to determine changes in the levels of oxygen present in the blood during sleep. Of course, you'll be able to keep track of your SpO2 levels throughout the course of.

It also has the capability to alert users when their heart rate is abnormally excessively low or high. Both of these functions were standard features of other smartwatches for quite a while recently, and it's pleasing to finally see them make the cut on Google's smartwatch.

Google Assistant is accessible on Wear OS with support for Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, and Spanish as well as Spanish, and Swedish. Spotify comes with three new tiles. One tile lets you start a DJ party and another for listening to podcasts and another to let you browse your most-played playlists.

Pixel Watch will also auto-pause the walk, run or biking workout once you stop for a break, it will then automatically resume tracking after you resume your exercise.

Pixel watch features

Software is done however Google is releasing new devices to unveil. The company will launch new Metal Links bands for the Pixel Watch, with “soft curves and crisp lines to elevate your style”. The band comes with a built-in measuring tool that allows you to quickly add links or take them off. They will be on sale the 16th of June in Google retail stores and in the Google store online, and customers will have the option to choose from two color options: Brushed Silver and Matte Black.

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