Google’s Android 12.1 gives Pixel Fold a Better Pliable Phone Experience

is getting ready for the next major update to be launched on October 4. This huge update would improve the experience of foldable phones, which probably comes before the firm launchs its rumoured Pixel Fold smartphone.

The Android 12 search engine monster will be one of the greatest updates to Android platforms in years, according to the XDADevelopers source. In addition, the source said that further information has also appeared on its later Android 12.1 release.

Android 12 sc-v2 is the following release, which XDA names Android 12.1. In the recent Android 12 Developer Preview 2, XDA succeeded in uncovering a secret “taskbar” on the Pixel launcher.

This shows at the bottom of the screen, where you usually find the navigation bar. The UI in question shows a number of your often used programmes and apps. This taskbar is developed for large-screen devices such as tablets which increase multiple-task functions using the larger screen immovable. For those who don't know, Google will unveil Pixel Fold later this year.

Android 12
Android 12


Bear in mind that it is only a hypothesis that the business is especially introducing the new functionality for Pixel Fold. However, one of the code adjustments to provide tutorial showcases for the new taskbar image of the action feature. In the picture, we see two separate Chrome browser instances, which are used side by side. This is supposedly still being tested and separates the pliable phone into two for a clear separation, with the line in the centre.

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