NewsGoogle has released a brief teaser video that provides...

    Google has released a brief teaser video that provides an official glimpse of the Pixel Fold


    Google I/O is a yearly event for developers hosted by Google. However, this year it appears that the company's hardware division has taken over the event. There are many rumors indicating that Google will unveil several new devices such as the Pixel Fold, the Pixel Tablet, and the Pixel 7a. Google has now officially confirmed that the Pixel Fold will be announced at the upcoming I/O event on May 10. The company shared a short video teaser on their Twitter account, making the announcement public.

    It seems like leaked renders of devices are becoming less relevant since companies are revealing their own products prior to their official launch. Google has employed this self-leak strategy before, so it's not surprising that they have done it again. However, what is unusual about the Pixel Fold is the large top and bottom bezels on the inner screen. It's unclear why they are there, and this feature sets the Pixel Fold apart from other foldable devices.

    Although the size of the Pixel Fold has been a topic of discussion in rumors and leaks, it's expected to be more similar to Oppo's Find N and Find N2 rather than Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold4. When unfolded, the inner screen will be in landscape mode. The device is expected to run on Google's Tensor G2 SoC and weigh 283g. Additionally, it might have a slightly larger battery than the Galaxy Z Fold4.

    If you're interested in purchasing the Pixel Fold, it will be available in the US on June 27 for $1,799.

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    Montel Anthony
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