With 8GB of RAM, the global Xiaomi 12 model has passed Geekbench’s tests

As with its predecessor, the Mi 11, the Xiaomi 12 will be available worldwide following its first sale in China, which comes as no surprise. According to a recent report, the 12 will make its global premiere within the next several weeks.

When it comes to testing the global model on Geekbench, someone has put a prototype through its paces before it was released.

According to this, Xiaomi’s worldwide flagship, the Xiaomi 12, would be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU, just like its Chinese counterpart. For now, it’s unknown whether the worldwide Xiaomi 12 will come with a second 12GB RAM option, as it does in China.

At this point, it’s a safe bet that the global version of the phone will be running Android 12 with MIUI 13 on top of it. Because a previous certification in Indonesia disclosed the 2201123G model number as such, we know this is the global Xiaomi 12. There will be a 2201122G model number for this year’s Xiaomi 12 Pro on the worldwide market, unlike the Mi 11 Pro, which was only available for purchase in China.

In light of the difference in size between the Mi 11 and the Mi 12, the 12 Pro can be considered the Mi 11’s genuine successor. While there is a 12-Ultra in the works, it is expected to join its brothers later in the year.

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