Xiaomi 12 is Expected to Have a Large Screen-to-body Ratio and a Small Display Punch Hole

One of Weibo’s most popular tipsters, Digital Chat Station, has just released information on the Xiaomi 12’s design. To summarize, the phone will have a large screen compared to its overall size.

Certainly, flagships from the last couple of years have high screen-to-body ratios by definition, but the bezels around the chin have remained somewhat thicker than the rest. There aren’t many phones with symmetrically thin bezels all the way around. The Xiaomi 12 is expected to have a smaller chin to match the sides, which will increase the aspect ratio even further than the Xiaomi 11.

This isn’t surprising, but based on the machine translation from Chinese the tipster is predicting slightly smaller curvatures than previously. The cutout for the front-facing camera will also be much smaller than on the Xiaomi Mi 11 family.

No word on whether the changes will affect vanilla and Pro versions equally, however.

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