This month, Telegram Premium will be available with new features

As of today, 's CEO and founder Pavel Durov has confirmed the rumor that the company intends to launch a paid tier, which first surfaced last month.

Prior to the end of this month, Telegram Premium will be launching as a service. To ease your mind, remember that all of the current free features will remain so. Not only that, but the free tier will be getting new features as well in the future.

As Durov puts it, “Anyone can acquire additional features, speed and resources” with Telegram Premium. Also, it allows users to support Telegram and become a part of the exclusive group that gets new features first. It will be possible for even those who don't subscribe to Telegram Premium to benefit from its features, such as being able to view large documents, media and stickers sent by other Premium users, or simply tapping to add Premium reactions that have already been added to a message.

When it comes to the service's future funding, Durov believes it should come from its users, rather than advertisers, in order to ensure that its users remain its primary focus moving forward. He made this point in an announcement he made on Telegram, of all places.

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