The Mi 11 Ultra is No Longer Available From Xiaomi in India

announced earlier this year that it would release the 11 Ultra in India after it had already gone on sale in other markets. It became available in the Indian subcontinent in July, but only in extremely limited quantities, so it quickly ran out of stock. Once the phone was no longer available, it vanished from the Xiaomi India website, where it can still be found.

This isn't by chance, according to a recent report from India Today Tech. According to Xiaomi, the Mi 11 Ultra will never be sold again in India. According to reports, the company has already sold all of its inventory destined for the Indian market and has no plans to import any more.

If you're in India and had your heart set on purchasing a Mi 11 Ultra, but hadn't gotten around to it, now's not the time to do it. It's expected that Xiaomi will maintain its premium category focus and introduce a new Mi 11 Ultra smartphone to the Indian subcontinent in 2022.

You'll have to wait until then if you're hoping to get your hands on a high-end Xiaomi device while you're in the country. However, months after its initial release in April, Xiaomi's Mi 11 Ultra finally arrived in India and quickly vanished, never to be seen again.

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