TCL Introduces Curved Automotive Display with a 47.5″ Screen Size in Los Angeles

During the Society for Information Display event in Los Angeles, TCL CSOT revealed its first-ever automotive display, which stands out in terms of size. While Mercedes EQS and EQE boast a 56″ display, it consists of three separate displays under a single pane of glass, spanning 56 inches.

TCL unveils 47.5” automotive curved display

In contrast, TCL offers something unique—a continuous 47.5-inch display under a 1.4-meter wide curved glass that stretches seamlessly across the entire width of the vehicle. The display features in-cell touch sensing throughout its surface, allowing both the driver and passenger to operate it simultaneously.

TCL unveils 47.5” automotive curved display

The curved automotive display showcased by TCL in Los Angeles boasts a 4,200R radius and integrates an instrument cluster without boundaries. Additionally, it enables passenger control over the infotainment system. With a mini-LED matrix comprising 3,000 local dimming zones, the display achieves an impressive contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. It offers a native 8K resolution, making it the highest resolution screen available in the automotive industry.

TCL’s approach to the design is simple yet effective, utilizing the full width of the dashboard. While Mercedes’ large screen is noteworthy, TCL’s implementation is more elegant and user-friendly.

Furthermore, TCL’s automotive display presents cost-saving benefits for automakers, as it provides a large screen in a single, easy-to-install assembly. However, one potential concern is the lack of redundancy typically found in traditional instrument clusters. The reliability of screens is a crucial aspect, as highlighted by the recent example of VinFast’s vehicle recall in the US due to screen malfunctions—a situation best avoided while driving.

Although TCL did not share further details about their first automotive screen, it is expected that automakers will soon adopt this technology, as screens have become selling points and a competition to have the most giant screen installed in a car has emerged. TCL appears to have a compelling solution for these companies.


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