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On Android and iOS, YouTube has a new video player interface

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On Android and iOS, a new video player UI with all important features in full-screen mode looks to have been added to the YouTube app. A row of icons has been added to the bottom left corner of the page, which appears to be a server-side update. On the left, there are like and dislike buttons, as well as a quick toggle to the comments, save to playlist, and share buttons, while on the right, there is a more videos tab that displays recommended content. The listening controls tab is also included in the midst of music videos.

New YouTube video player interface on iOS and Android

On an Android 12 device running YouTube app version 17.03.35, GSMArena tested the new UI. Although you can still hate videos, the counter is no longer visible. With the new controls, full-screen material may be watched without having to reduce the video to access critical tasks.

Source GSMArena

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