Huawei introduces new Freebuds Pro 2+ to their TWS lineup

Yesterday, Huawei held a major event in which it unveiled its P60 series of standard flagship phones and the Mate X3 foldable device which is considered to be the best in its category. In addition to these, the company also presented its Matepad 11 2023 tablet, the mid-range smartphone Enjoy 60, and the FreeBuds 5 true wireless earbuds. However, Huawei didn’t stop there as they also announced an upgraded version of their high-end Freebuds Pro 2 TWS earphones, known as the Freebuds Pro 2+.

The Freebuds Pro 2+ earphones are very similar to the Pro 2 model, but they do have a few new features. They now have additional sensors that can track your heart rate and temperature, which is beneficial for those who live an active lifestyle. Huawei claims that this is the first time in the industry that dual-type heart rate monitoring is possible with both infrared and green light technology, which improves the accuracy of the measurements.

Huawei introduces new Freebuds Pro 2+ to their TWS lineup

Due to the inclusion of extra sensors, the weight of the left earbud has increased by 0.2g, resulting in a weight of 6.3g. This weight is slightly higher than the right earbud and the previous version, Freebuds Pro 2, which both weigh 6.1g.

Huawei introduces new Freebuds Pro 2+ to their TWS lineup
Huawei Freebuds 2 Pro+ heart rate sensor
Huawei Freebuds 2 Pro+ charging case
Huawei Freebuds 2 Pro+ charging case

Apart from the added sensors, the Freebuds Pro 2+ retain the same high-quality true wireless earbuds that we previously enjoyed in our review. The package includes a 52g case that houses a 580mAh battery, which supplements the 55mAh battery in each earbud. The case supports both USB-C wired charging and Qi wireless charging.

The earbuds have a 11mm dynamic driver and a micro tweeter, as well as touch controls and reliable active noise cancellation. They use Bluetooth 5.2 technology and have an IP54 rating, providing protection against dust and water splashes.

At present, the Freebuds Pro 2+ are available for pre-order in China at an early bird price of CNY1,399 ($205). After the official sales launch on April 9, the price will increase to CNY1,499 ($220). The company plans to announce the global availability of the earbuds on the same day.

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