How to Add Bluetooth to Your Car: All You Need to Know


The modern car is filled with high-tech features that make driving more convenient, enjoyable, and safer. One of the most useful features is Bluetooth connectivity. With Bluetooth, you can easily sync your phone to the car audio system to play music, answer calls, and more.

While Bluetooth has become a standard feature in most modern cars, it is not available in all vehicles. If you have an older car that doesn’t come with Bluetooth, you may be wondering how to add it. In this article, we’ll show you how to add Bluetooth to your car.

What is Bluetooth?

Before we get into how to add Bluetooth to your car, let’s first take a look at what Bluetooth is. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows two devices to connect and exchange data over short distances. It is commonly used for connecting devices such as headphones and speakers, but it can also be used for connecting phones to cars.

When you pair your phone with your car’s Bluetooth system, you can then use it to make hands-free calls and play music from your phone. It’s an easy and convenient way

to stay connected while on the road.

How to Add Bluetooth to Your Car

Now that you know what Bluetooth is, let’s look at how you can add it to your car. Here are some of the most common ways to add Bluetooth to your car:

  1. Install a Bluetooth Adapter: If your car doesn’t come with a built-in Bluetooth system, you can buy a Bluetooth adapter and plug it into your car’s audio system. This is the most affordable way to add Bluetooth to your car, but it does require some technical know-how.
  2. Install a New Head Unit: Some cars allow you to install a new head unit that comes with Bluetooth built-in. This is a cost-effective way to add Bluetooth to your car, as you don’t need to buy an additional adapter. However, it does require a certain amount of technical knowledge to install the new head unit.
  3. Take it to a Professional: If you don’t feel comfortable installing a Bluetooth adapter or a new head unit, you can always take your car to a professional. A professional installer can install the Bluetooth adapter or new head unit for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Advantages of Having Bluetooth in Your Car

Once you’ve added Bluetooth to your car, you’ll be able to enjoy a number of benefits. Here are a few of the advantages of having Bluetooth in your car:

  1. Hands-Free Calls: With Bluetooth, you can make and receive calls without having to take your hands off the wheel. This allows you to stay focused on the road and keep your hands on the wheel at all times.
  2. Wireless Music Streaming: With a Bluetooth connection, you can easily stream your favorite music from your phone to your car’s audio system. This is a great way to stay entertained on long drives.
  3. Voice Recognition: Many Bluetooth systems come with voice recognition technology. This allows you to control your car’s audio system with your voice, so you don’t have to take your hands off the wheel.


Adding Bluetooth to your car can be a great way to stay connected while on the road. You’ll be able to make hands-free calls, stream music, and even control your cars.

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