How to Purchase 15GB as low as N2000 on MTN Nigeria

Looking to buy 15GB of data for as low as N2000 on ? In this guide, we will show you how to make this affordable purchase and make the most of your data plan. Stay tuned to learn the steps to enjoy this cost-effective data offer from .

MTN Nigeria's Data Plans

MTN Nigeria provides various data plans designed to meet customers' varying data consumption needs, from daily, weekly, and monthly options with various allotments of data to packages specifically suited for light browsing to heavy streaming/downloading needs and nighttime browsing needs. MTN Nigeria strives to meet diverse customers' data demands at reasonable costs with flexible plans tailored specifically towards them.

Below are a few MTN Data Plans you might already know:

40MB Daily Plan / N50350MB Weekly Plan / N3501.5GB Monthly Plan / N1,200
100MB Daily Plan / N100750MB Weekly Plan / N5003GB Monthly Plan / N 1,600
1.5GB Daily Plan / N4005GB Weekly Plan / N1,50010GB Monthly Plan / N3,500

How to Purchase 15GB Data for N2000

MTN B recently Brought out a recent data offer that only their myMTN NG App users will enjoy. The data consists of a 1GB Daily bundle for N200, a 3.5GB 2-day bundle for N500, and a 15GB Weekly bundle for N2,000. These data bundles are under their app's “Digital Bundles” categories. We will be focusing on the data bundle offer for N2,000.

Step-by-Step on How to Purchase 15GB as low as N2000 on MTN Nigeria

How to Purchase 15GB as low as N2000 on MTN Nigeria

  1. Download / Open the myMTN NG App from Playstore

    First of all, kindly visit your Google Play Store and Download the myMTN NG app. Once downloaded, Open the app and log in using your phone number, wait for the OTP, and verify it.myMTN NG App Playstore

  2. Locate the Buy Data section in the Home

    Click on the “Buy Data” button and wait for it to open.MYMTN app home / 15GB for N2000 MTN Nigeria

  3. Find Digital Bundle

    In the end, you will see a grid box with the name “Digital Bundles”, Click on it to open.MTN Nigeria Buy Data / 15GB for N2000 MTN Nigeria

  4. Click on the Weekly Tab to start the Purchase

    Kindly click on the tab written “Weekly” and there, you will see the bundle. Click on the “Buy Now” button under the bundle.
    MTN Nigeria Buy 15GB
    A popup will open, Then hit the “Proceed to make payment” below the screen.
    Then click on “Pay with Bank”. and wait to load.
    MTN Nigeria Buy 15GB popup

  5. Choose Payment Method

    A screen will load out with Select a Payment Option.
    Choose any payment of your Choice. In mine, I chose Bank Transfer because it's better for me.
    A page with Bank details to make a transfer will show. Copy the account number and make sure you transfer the exact amount as it is shown.

    Note: There is a countdown before the Bank account details expire.

Once you've made the payment, Come back to the screen click on “Click here after transfer” and wait for it to verify your transfer. sometimes, it will auto-verify without you doing the action. Voila! You've purchased the 15GB for as low as N2000 on MTN Nigeria.

MTN Nigeria Buy Data Successfully / 15GB for N2000 MTN Nigeria

You can also watch the video process on YouTube Here.

How to Purchase 15GB as low as N2000 on MTN Nigeria


The purchase of 15GB at MTN Nigeria for N2000 can be an economical and simple way to stay connected without breaking the bank. Following this simple guide's steps, will allow you to subscribe easily and start enjoying fast, reliable internet on your mobile device – take advantage of MTN Nigeria's cost-efficient option to stay in the know easily and affordably!

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