Honor unveils V Purse, a foldable phone that doubles as a fashion accessory

Honor, the Chinese smartphone brand, has revealed its latest concept device at IFA 2023 in Berlin: the Honor V Purse. The V Purse is not just a phone, but also a purse that can be worn as a fashion accessory with interchangeable straps and chains.

The V Purse is an outward foldable device that has two screens that can display customizable and interactive Always On Display (AOD) styles. Honor collaborated with top designers and artists to create these AOD styles, which can match your outfit, react to your touch, or change color according to your environment.

Honor claims that the V Purse is a “phy-digital fashion statement” that aims to reduce the reliance on fast fashion by allowing users to express themselves with their phone. The V Purse is also made from sustainably sourced materials, including vegan leather for the straps.

The V Purse is not intended for mass production, but Honor plans to open up the platform for the AOD designs, which will enable developers and designers around the world to create custom looks for the device. The V Purse also boasts a hinge that can withstand 400,000 fold cycles, which is impressive for an outward foldable device.

The V Purse is one of the most innovative and unconventional designs we have seen from Honor, and it shows the potential of foldable phones as more than just gadgets. Whether it will appeal to the mainstream consumers or not remains to be seen, but it certainly makes a bold statement in the smartphone industry.

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