Garmin introduces Fenix 7 Pro and Epix 2 Pro with solar cells, flashlights, and 32GB storage

Garmin introduces Pro variants for its Fenix 7 and Epix 2 series, bringing new features and simplifying the lineup. The Epix 2 Pro models retain the same price as the original models, while the Fenix 7 Pro has a higher price point.

Excitingly, the Garmin Epix 2 Pro now offers three size options, including 42mm, 47mm, and 51mm, each equipped with 1.2-inch, 1.3-inch, and 1.4-inch displays, respectively. Previously, the Epix 2 was only available in a 47mm size.

Garmin Epix 2 Pro
Garmin Epix 2 Pro

In terms of capabilities, the Epix 2 Pro and Fenix 7 Pro are quite similar, with the main difference lying in their display technology. The Epix line utilizes an AMOLED display, while the Fenix series employs Memory-In-Pixel (MIP) displays, known for their power efficiency, especially in Always On Mode. However, the gap between the two display types has narrowed, and the AMOLED display offers improved visual quality.

For the 47mm models, the Epix 2 Pro boasts a battery life of up to 16 days in smartwatch mode, or 6 days with the Always-On Display mode enabled. When using GPS tracking, the battery lasts for 42 hours, or 32 hours with the more accurate multi-band mode. On the other hand, the Fenix 2 Pro promises a battery life of 22 days, 73 hours of GPS tracking, or 48 hours with multi-band enabled.

Garmin has streamlined its lineup by equipping all models with a solar cell on the front, removing the need for a separate option. Additionally, all models now come with 32GB of storage, which can be utilized for offline maps and offline music. Furthermore, multi-band GPS functionality is available across all models, eliminating the previous exclusivity to the Sapphire tier.

Customers still have the option to choose the premium Sapphire edition, which features a titanium bezel and alters the front glass. However, this upgrade comes with an additional cost of $100, and whether it’s worth it depends on personal preference.

Another notable change is the inclusion of a flashlight on all models, including the 42mm variants. The flashlight consists of two white LEDs and one red LED, serving as both a standard flashlight and a strobe light for nighttime activities. Previously, this feature was only available on the larger Fenix 7X 51mm model.

Garmin Fenix 7 Pro
Garmin Fenix 7 Pro

Other notable updates include a new optical heart rate sensor (Elevate V5), and although unconfirmed, there are rumors of onboard ECG hardware. Certification is pending, and Garmin cannot officially discuss it until the necessary certifications are obtained.

There are also software improvements, such as shaded-relief maps, weather overlays, split-screen mode displaying both a map and performance metrics, as well as new Endurance and Hill scores.

The Fenix 7 Pro now starts at $800 for the 42mm and 47mm models, representing a $100 increase compared to the Fenix 7/7S. However, it should be noted that this comparison is against the non-solar 7/7S models, as the solar versions have the same price. The 51mm Fenix 7 Pro is priced at $900, and the Sapphire upgrade is available for an additional $100. For more information, visit Garmin.com.

The Epix 2 Pro starts at $900 for the 42mm and 47mm models, while the 51mm model is priced at $1,000, mirroring the non-Pro version. The Sapphire upgrade also carries an additional cost of $100.

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