How to Edit WhatsApp Messages in iOS and Android

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging apps, with over 2 billion users worldwide. The ability to easily communicate with friends, family and coworkers makes WhatsApp an essential tool for many people. However, we’ve all sent messages we wish we could take back or edit after realizing they contain mistakes or could be misinterpreted. So is it possible to edit WhatsApp messages after you’ve sent it?

The short answer is yes, it is possible, but with some limitations. In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to edit WhatsApp messages in both iOS and Android devices. We’ll cover when you can edit messages, how to delete and modify sent messages, and some helpful tips when using the edit feature.

When Can You Edit WhatsApp Messages?

The ability to edit sent messages is a relatively new feature on WhatsApp, so it’s only available on the latest versions of the app.

For iOS devices, you must have iOS 16.0 or later installed. WhatsApp will need to be updated to version 22.23.77 or newer in order to edit messages.

For Android devices, you’ll need Android 12 or later and have WhatsApp version or newer.

So before trying to edit any messages, make sure your operating system and WhatsApp app are up to date! The ability to edit is only available for a limited time after a message is sent, which we’ll explain next.

Time Limit for Editing Messages

WhatsApp currently allows editing messages for up to one hour after it’s sent. Once an hour has passed, the edit option will disappear and you won’t be able to make any changes to that message.

This time limit exists for a couple of reasons:

  • It prevents confusion if a message has already been read and responded to. Editing after a long delay could disrupt the conversation flow.
  • There’s potential for abuse if edits can be made weeks or months later. A short editing window reduces misuse.

So if you need to fix a mistake or rephrase something, be sure to act quickly within that 1 hour timeframe. The steps to edit a message are straightforward, which we’ll outline next.

How to Edit a Message on iOS Devices

Thanks to iOS 16, editing WhatsApp messages on an iPhone is easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the WhatsApp chat containing the sent message you want to edit.
  2. Tap and hold your finger on the message to bring up the context menu.
  3. Tap Edit from the menu options.
  4. The message will become editable, allowing you to delete and modify the content.
  5. Make the changes you want to the message. You can keep the same text and just fix mistakes, or rewrite the entire message.
  6. Finally, tap the blue check mark button to confirm the edit and send the updated message.

That’s all there is to it! The original message will be replaced everywhere by your edited version. The one exception is if the recipient already viewed and responded to the original – then both versions will be visible.

How to Edit WhatsApp Messages on Android

Similarly, editing sent messages on Android is a straightforward process:

  1. Launch WhatsApp and open the chat with the message you want to modify.
  2. Long press on the sent message to bring up the context menu. How to Edit WhatsApp Messages in iOS and Android
  3. Tap Edit to make the message editable.How to Edit WhatsApp Messages in iOS and Android
  4. Make your desired changes to the message content.How to Edit WhatsApp Messages in iOS and Android
  5. Hit the green check mark button to confirm the edit.
  6. Your updated message will be sent and replace the original.

Just like on iOS, you’ll have up to 1 hour after sending to edit the message before the option disappears.

How to Delete a WhatsApp Message

In addition to editing, you can also delete a sent message entirely if needed:

On iOS:

  1. Long press the message and tap Delete from the menu.
  2. Confirm deleting the message.

On Android:

  1. Long press the message and tap Delete from the menu.
  2. Confirm deleting the message.

After deleting, the message will be removed for you. However, recipients may still see the original message if they already viewed and responded to the chat before you deleted it.

Tips for Editing WhatsApp Messages

Here are some handy tips when using WhatsApp’s new editing feature:

  • If you edit a message that was sent to a group chat, all participants will see the update.
  • You can only edit your own messages, not ones that other people sent in the chat.
  • Stick to minor edits and corrections so you don’t confuse chat recipients with major rewrites.
  • Proofread your messages carefully before sending to avoid the need to edit in the first place!
  • If you change your mind after editing, you can undo it by tapping Undo in the menu.
  • Edit urgently if needed, since you only have 1 hour before the option disappears.

WhatsApp Message Editing Not Working? Try These Fixes

While WhatsApp’s new message editing feature is useful, you may encounter situations where editing a message fails or the option doesn’t appear. Here are some troubleshooting tips if you can’t get WhatsApp message editing to work properly:

Update Your WhatsApp Version

As mentioned earlier, editing messages requires the latest version of WhatsApp. On iOS, you need version 22.23.77 or newer. For Android, version or above is needed. Go to your device’s app store to check for and install updates if available.

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Restart WhatsApp

A simple app restart can help if editing isn’t enabling for some reason. Close WhatsApp completely, then reopen it after 20-30 seconds. This resets the app and reconnects the servers, which may resolve glitches.

Update Your Operating System

You’ll need iOS 16.0+ or Android 12+ to use message editing, so ensure your OS is updated. Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update on iOS. On Android, check for system updates in Settings.

Check Your Internet Connection

A weak internet connection can prevent features like editing from working properly. Make sure you’re connected to stable WiFi or mobile data with a strong signal. Restart your device to reconnect if needed.

Reinstall WhatsApp

As a last resort, uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp from your app store or Play Store. This will clear cached data that may be causing issues. Just be sure to backup chats first so you don’t lose conversations.

If editing still doesn’t work after trying these troubleshooting tips, you’ll need to wait for a future WhatsApp update that potentially addresses any persistent bugs with the feature.


Being able to edit and delete sent WhatsApp messages is an extremely useful feature that helps you have more control over your conversations. Thanks to recent OS and app updates, it’s now simple to edit messages within 1 hour of sending them on both iPhones and Android phones. Just be aware of the time limit, avoid confusing edits when possible, and you’ll benefit from this great new capability!

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Edit WhatsApp Messages in iOS and Android

Can you edit WhatsApp messages that have been read?

Yes, you can still edit a message that the recipient has already read. However, the recipient will be able to see both the original message and the edited version. Unread messages can be edited without the recipient seeing the original.

Is there a way to edit WhatsApp messages after 1 hour?

Unfortunately no, WhatsApp currently limits message editing to only 1 hour after sending. Once 1 hour passes, the edit option disappears and cannot be recovered. There is no workaround to edit older messages beyond this timeframe.

Do all WhatsApp recipients need to be updated to see edited messages?

Recipients will need the latest version of WhatsApp installed to view message edits. If their app is outdated, they will only see the original message and not any edits made within 1 hour of sending.

Can you edit messages in WhatsApp group chats?

Yes, when editing a message sent to a group chat, all participants will see the updated message as long as they’re on the latest WhatsApp version. This allows you to efficiently correct information seen by multiple people.

Is message editing available on WhatsApp Web/Desktop?

At the time of writing, editing messages is only possible on the mobile apps for iOS and Android. WhatsApp has not yet implemented editing on the web/desktop platforms.

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