The latest version of WhatsApp includes 5 Brilliant New features

Users of WhatsApp should expect a steady stream of upcoming updates. Every once in a while, we’ll let you know about some major updates that are in the works for the most widely used messaging app and will eventually make their way into the app’s ever-expanding set of features.

Updates have been rolling out steadily for the app over the past few weeks. Updates may take some time to reflect in the app, but they pave the path for the introduction of new and useful functionality. In this piece, we’ll examine the latest and greatest additions to WhatsApp over the previous several weeks in detail:

New features in Whatsapp

1024 Whatsapp group participants

The potential of WhatsApp groups to communicate with one another has grown over time. In 2017, there could only be 256 members, but that number was increased to 512 in May of this year, and now it’s going up to 1,024 all over again.

There is a lot of logic behind WhatsApp’s decision to raise the limit on group size. WhatsApp’s original intent was to facilitate two-way communication between users, but the app’s current focus is on providing a group chat experience on par with that of Discord or Telegram. Discord supports up to 500,000 users per server, while Telegram only allows 200,000 users per group. So there is still a lot of work to be done.

Paid Subscription

Meta hopes to profit from WhatsApp. The business app’s beta version currently supports WhatsApp Premium. The platform is formally introducing a monthly membership fee. Participants in the WhatsApp beta program can immediately enable the new WhatsApp Premium menu on their smartphones by going into the program’s settings. They can create custom address bars for their contacts using the subscription, like https://wa.me/cldr.

Once every three months, users can update this connection. While it’s understandable that, as a business, you’d like customers to have your address in mind, this isn’t always possible. Once that happens, the URL can be changed and shared with others again. In addition to the standard four devices, WhatsApp Premium allows for simultaneous use of up to ten devices at once. It’s a perk for companies who want their employees to share a single account to better work together.

View once privacy settings

WABetaInfo Privacy features
Image: GizChina

Whatsapp is starting to implement privacy-oriented features. The current version of WhatsApp for Android is The current edition makes it clear that recording or saving “View once” content in any form is prohibited.

When you try to save media with “View once” enabled, WhatsApp will give you a warning that says “Cannot capture screenshots due to security regulations.” In the beta testing phase, people had mixed reactions to the change.

To capture a photo or record a video, use a second mobile device. We also think that WhatsApp Web users can circumvent this protection by making use of recording applications. We have no idea when this feature will make it into the final release. Access to the WhatsApp Android beta has been granted.

WhatsApp on Android tablets and iPad

WhatsApp will soon be available for both Android and iPad. The most widely used messaging software has added support for PC, Android, and iOS after widespread user demand.

To begin, this feature is still in beta testing and is therefore restricted to beta program participants. It’s also worth noting that the WABetaInfo website, which is constantly on the lookout for new features for this instant messaging software, was instrumental in locating this particular one.

WhatsApp for tablets first appeared in Android’s and versions of the messaging app. It should be emphasized that its use is really straightforward. The tablet has the potential to become a new peripheral. Furthermore, the tablet will be able to use Whatsapp without an internet connection from the smartphone.

Hide your online status

It is possible to keep your Whatsapp online status secret from other users who are online at the same time. Users of the ubiquitous chat service have had this capability for some time.

In the Last saw section, the options will remain the same. In addition to the current options of “Everyone,” “My contacts, except,” and “Nobody,” the additional option “Who can see when I’m online?” will be accessible. The options “Everyone” and “Same as last seen” are also available to you. This vitally private feature has been rolling out to both iOS and Android users.

Hide Last Seen on WABetaInfo

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