ChatGPT developer says AI might “kill” many employment

Sam Altman, who founded OpenAI, is currently in the spotlight for the global success of ChatGPT, which has helped put OpenAI on the map.

Sam Altman, the mastermind behind OpenAI, has become a prominent figure due to the overwhelming popularity of ChatGPT.

Thanks to ChatGPT’s enormous popularity, Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI, has risen to prominence.

AI has become increasingly widespread, and Altman has played a role in this development. The question arises as to whether AI, specifically technology like ChatGPT, poses a threat to job security. There has been much speculation about this issue so far. Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, shared his perspective on the matter in an interview with ABC News, stating that AI advancements are likely to result in job losses for many people.

Altman also acknowledged that AI advancements can lead to new and better job opportunities. “We have the potential for a much higher standard of living and quality of life. However, people need time to adapt and become familiar with the technology,” he explained to ABC News. Altman went on to provide an example of how AI language models are currently being used as “co-pilots” for programmers, and he mentioned that OpenAI has plans to expand this approach to every profession.

Despite his involvement in AI development, Altman also expressed concerns about the potential misuse of this technology. During an interview, Altman acknowledged that he is fearful of the way AI could be abused, particularly by authoritarian governments. “We are very concerned about authoritarian regimes creating this technology,” he stated. Altman also emphasized that the use and potential of AI will reflect the “collective power, creativity, and will of humanity.” However, he is apprehensive about the possibility of authoritarian regimes developing AI technology that could compete with the “good” AI.

Altman expressed his concerns regarding the potential misuse of models like ChatGPT. He stated that such models could be utilized for large-scale disinformation campaigns, which could have severe consequences. Additionally, as language models become more proficient in coding, Altman worries that they could be utilized for offensive cyberattacks, posing a significant threat to cybersecurity.

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