You may now have a WhatsApp conversation with yourself

now allows you to send yourself messages without restriction. Release notes for WhatsApp's latest software update, which came out this week, include the new Message Yourself function, which has been trickling out to users over the previous few of months. It's not 's next artificial intelligence creation, but rather a digital notebook that allows you to send yourself reminders, links, photographs, and more across all of your devices in a flash.

Of course, you could also use this function to carry on a full-fledged discussion with oneself, but that's not something I'd advise.

You can have a conversation with yourself without the use of WhatsApp. Self-messaging is a function seen in a variety of apps, including Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Workplace messaging apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams also allow you to send yourself messages, while Signal includes a Note to Self function that works similarly to WhatsApp's.

Images, movies, and files can now be dragged and dropped from other apps like Safari, Photos, and Files into WhatsApp, according to the newest iOS release notes. The “for a few seconds” option that deletes for me can now be undone.

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