You can quickly and easily join a call using WhatsApp Call Links

A new, rather self-explanatory feature called “Call Links” was released today by WhatsApp. A call can be shared via a link, allowing anyone with the link to join the call with a single tap or click.

Any WhatsApp user, even those who aren’t already in your contact list, can join your call; the only need is that they also have WhatsApp installed on their device. That’s pretty much it; nevertheless, just because something is easy to understand doesn’t imply it isn’t effective.

WhatsApp Call Links

Of all, in the larger scheme of things, a call link is nothing novel, as other services have had similar capabilities for quite some time. The massive user base of WhatsApp, though, means that many more people can join calls at once with little effort on their part.

Mark Zuckerberg has stated that the distribution of Call Links could take several days, possibly even a whole week. More information about WhatsApp’s encrypted video calling for up to 32 individuals was also provided, as was his promise of further details in the near future.

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