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You can now ask a Question for a Longer Period of Time using Alexa

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You can now give Alexa more time to react before you finish your statement or question, thanks to a new feature from Amazon. For those who wish Alexa would take a little longer to respond, this feature is a godsend. It’s also an accessibility feature for people with speech impediments who may need more time to say what they mean. You can enable this in the Alexa app if you choose.

Android users will now be able to input requests directly into the Alexa app, according to the addition from the company. This feature may come in useful if you don’t want to ask Alexa a question with your voice, but it could also be beneficial for people with disabilities. Users in the US can now access a public test of the Alexa app’s new feature, which was first introduced to the Alexa iOS app in December of 2020. Apple’s Siri and Google’s Home digital assistants both provide similar features.

Source Theverge

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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