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Xiaomi hires a third-party firm to rule on Lithuania’s censorship allegations

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If you’ve been living under a rock, you may not be aware that Xiaomi is currently facing criticism in Lithuania from the country’s Deputy Defense Minister for censoring its devices. A third-party consultancy has been appointed to look into the Lithuanian government’s allegations after the Chinese computer giant disputed them. But the firm it engaged was not named, only that its headquarters are in Europe.

Xiaomi is hiring a third-party firm to investigate Lithuania's censorship allegations

Some search keywords, such as “free Tibet” and “long live Taiwan independence,” are being blocked by Xiaomi, according to the Lithuanian Defense Ministry. As quickly as possible, all Chinese phones were to be “throw away” according to the minister. For the European Union, Xiaomi says these filters have been disabled.

To be fair, it is possible, according to Lithuanian officials, to turn back on the censorship filter whenever desired. Pornographic content and content that is offensive to Chinese users, according to the Chinese business, are protected by these filters.

Via GSMArena
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