Xiaomi 13 Ultra is DXOMARK’s 14th-highest cameraphone

We named Xiaomi 13 Ultra as the most versatile camera for smartphones that money can buy in our test however it wasn’t able to make an impression on DXOMARK in the way it appears. DXO evaluated it with the 13 Ultra and awarded it 14th place in the world rankings, just behind smartphones like the Google Pixel 7 Pro (6th) as well as Huawei’s P60 Pro (in 1st place) as well as the Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max (8th) and this season’s iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max (11th) as well as even Xiaomi’s Mi 11 Ultra from two years ago.

The ranking of DXO is determined by a scoring system. So it’s the Xiaomi 13 Ultra rounded up by 140 points. The full breakdown follows.

Placing Xiaomi’s premier cameraphone in 14th place may seem harsh, but look closer and DXOMARK’s report has more praise than criticism. The report points to the consistent image quality throughout the zoom range, the neutral white balance and the very natural detail rendering among the many merits of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra.

One of the main issues is issues with exposure instability, along with halos as well as oversaturated colours on photographs taken outdoors.

You can find the full report here.


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