Xbox Reveals New 20th Anniversary Special Edition Accessories

To commemorate the Xbox brand’s 20th anniversary, Xbox has revealed a number of new accessories. Razer is releasing a new controller, headset, and charging stand, among other things.

The black and green colour scheme of the Xbox Wireless Controller 20th Anniversary Special Edition is retained, but the front panel is transparent, giving the controller a more transparent appearance. There are grayed-out action buttons, and the Xbox button has the original Xbox logo painted on it. The grip on the back is completely coated in the Xbox green colour.

Using this controller in conjunction with an Xbox Series X|S console enables a special dynamic background for the system’s 20th anniversary. You can even provide the background to someone else by connecting the controller to their Xbox. However, if your background changes, you’ll have to re-pair this controller in order to regain access to your previous backdrop.

This is a regular Xbox Wireless Controller aside from that. The Xbox Wireless Controller 20th Anniversary Special Edition will be released on November 15 and can be pre-ordered for $70 in select Xbox markets around the world starting today.

Transparent side panels and even more green accents distinguish the Xbox Stereo Headset 20th Anniversary Special Edition, which was just released. It will be available for purchase on November 15th for $70 if pre-ordered now.

Finally, Razer has unveiled the Xbox 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Universal Quick Charging Stand today. In terms of design, it’s comparable to the Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand for Xbox, but with transparent panels, green accents, and the 20th Anniversary emblem. With a rechargeable battery built into the controller’s back and a special charging cover, it’s ready to go.

When the limited-edition stand will be available is still a mystery.

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