Xbox Gamers will soon be able to Stream Cloud Games to their Consoles

hosted a Gamescom 2021 event recently, and it has announced a wide range of things. The possibility to stream games from the cloud on an Series X, Series S, or Xbox One gaming system was announced, and it is noteworthy.

Xbox Game Streaming on Consoles

According to Microsoft, your subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be necessary if you want to utilise this new streaming option. More than 100 games can be played straight from the cloud, without the need to wait for them to download, as long as you have one available.

Wouldn't you rather have the ability to play cloud games on a console that already has the ability to play the games on its own? In addition, current consoles have lacking storage space, and streaming them will save you hard drive space.

Additionally, you will be able to access the games right away, making your experience much smoother than if you had to wait for the games to download.

To conclude, certain games can only be played on Series S or X consoles because they will be streamed, and the consoles won't process them locally.

In addition to impatience, Microsoft points to one other major issue: if you have friends who ask you to play a multiplayer game on Game Pass, but you aren't set up for downloading it yet. It will be much easier to simply open the game and start playing with them instead of you making them wait as you download and install it.

Console Game Streaming Availability

You won't be able to make use of game streaming just yet, since Microsoft has said it will come to consoles this Christmas season.

To make it easier for you to test the functionality out, Microsoft will be testing it via the Xbox Insider Program sometime in the fall.

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