WhatsApp Message Reactions May Support All Emojis, Money Heist Fans Get Special Sticker Pack

The App is found to allow users to use any of their favourite emojis as message reactions. The new features appears few days after WhatsApp added message reactions to its platform that would work similar to how you can react on messages getting on iMessage, Twitter, and even the Facebook's own Messenger app.

Differently, WhatsApp has released a new sticker pack known as Sticker Heist to celebrate the release of the fifth season of Netflix's popular show that the latest season was released on Friday September 3, 2021.

WABetaInfo, a WhatsApp features tracker, has shared a screenshot indicating that users will be able to send and receive emojis and other graphical content alongside the message text. People participating in a conversation will know who reacted to specific messages, because reactions will likely be shared with individuals and groups. A response to a message sent through WhatsApp could be traced back to the person that sent it.

WhatsApp Message Reactions May Support All Emojis, Money Heist Fans Get Special Sticker Pack

WABetaInfo claims that the emoji's usage may be unlimited and that any emoji will be available to be used anyhow users want. It seems to be like you can use emoji on Facebook Messenger to respond to a message. Despite this, it is completely different from Twitter and iMessage reactions because it has more options and a lot of preloaded emoji to select from.

No announcements have been made about when message reactions will become a part of WhatsApp. Based on the screenshot, it looks like the application was developed for the iPhone variant of WhatsApp. But WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp is in the process of rolling out emoji reactions on Android.

Earlier rumors held that if users wanted to see reactions to their messages, they'd have to have the compatible version of WhatsApp on their devices. Those who have not yet made the update would be requested to do so.

The sticker pack has been introduced even though the messaging app's message reactions feature has not yet been launched. The sticker pack features 17 stickers in honor of the fifth and final season of Netflix's Money Heist being released.

Users can get the new sticker pack directly from the stickers store available on WhatsApp. Alternatively, it can be downloaded from a deep link.

WABetaInfo initially reported about the Money Heist-focussed sticker pack. However, Gadgets 360 was independently able to verify its arrival for both Android and iPhone users.

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