WhatsApp has now implemented an official cross-platform chat transfer feature between iOS and Android

Previously, WhatsApp only allowed for the transfer of chat history between Android and iOS in limited testing. To date, the only way to move conversations across ecosystems was to employ a paid or otherwise complicated third-party data transfer service.


At the time of writing, WhatsApp’s help site only detailed the Android-to-iPhone technique, which required using the Move to iOS tool on Android. Both the sending and receiving devices must be running the most recent version of WhatsApp. When making the switch, you’ll either keep the same number as your old phone or choose a new one. The receiving iPhone must be either brand new or restored to factory settings.

In order to successfully move WhatsApp data to an iOS device, WhatsApp has collaborated with Apple to piggyback its Move to iOS program, as detailed in the provided instructions. You can copy your WhatsApp account, profile picture, messages, chat history, media attachments, and settings, as detailed on the help page. WhatsApp messages and call logs cannot be transferred between devices.

Users who move from one platform to another sometimes lament that they can’t take their WhatsApp conversations with them. WhatsApp, in contrast to many other messaging apps, requires a unique phone number and can only be used on a single smartphone. The ability for WhatsApp-linked devices to read and respond to messages even when the host device is not online was introduced very recently.

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