Vivaldi 5.0 for Android has Two Rows of Tabs, Making it Easier to Navigate

The for has just been updated to version 5.0. In this new edition, the most significant modification is the addition of double tab bars, which are based on the desktop version of the software.

Users can now have two tab bars, one for tab stacks and the other for the tabs within. When you use stacks, you can switch between groups of linked tabs rather than switching between individual tabs. To construct a tab stack, all you have to do is drag one tab on top of another.

The appearance of the tabs can also be customized. All but the current tab can be closed by disabling the X button. This means that the X button doesn't occupy valuable space on the backdrop tabs. It's also possible to reduce the size of all open tabs to only their favicon.

Android tablet support has been improved in Vivaldi 5.0 as well. Now, tablet users can enable panels, which appear on the left and provide quick access to functions such as bookmarks and history. This is similar to what is available on desktop browsers. The ability to keep notes in the browser is now accessible on Android, so you can view them later.

As a final bonus, webpages can now be displayed in a darker color scheme thanks to the new version. This setting makes the site's background black, making it easier on the eyes for everyone to see the content. Per-site storage is provided for this preference.


You can now download the new Vivaldi 5.0 from the Play Store.

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