There’s a chance that Samsung will expedite the release of Android updates in Europe

With Samsung’s track record of timely firmware upgrades across its whole line of devices, consumers in Europe may expect even more frequent updates in the near future. It’s been reported that Samsung is working on a single CSC classification for all of its forthcoming phones in Europe, according to Galaxy Club. For example, the EUX identifier is already present on the 4G version of Galaxy A52, Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3, as well as on most new phones to be released later this year.

New EUX updates will be pushed to all EUX devices in Europe at the same time going forward, which is a nice change previously consumers in some countries had to wait longer until the update was cleared in their specific region. Galaxy S22, A53, A33, and A13 will all use the EUX identification, according to Galaxy Club.

Carrier-branded devices may also benefit from the new software approach, although it remains to be seen if Samsung plans to roll out this feature in other locations.

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