There is no Wear OS in sight as Fitbit prepares new Versa, Sense and Luxe wearables.

In 2019, Google acquired , and the deal was approved by regulators after a two-year wait. Despite this, Fitbit is yet to embrace , according to the most recent rumor. Google's wearable technology isn't included in any new products, according to the company.

For the 2 and Versa 4, as well as the Luxe 2, 9to5Google reports that they're coming with the Fitbit brand's own UI.

In the Fitbit application, the Versa and Sense watches were referred to as Hera and Rhea. In addition to having the same screen resolution as the previous versions, the source claims that these two gadgets are indeed the newest iterations of these two series.

If you're looking for an accessory that's both fashionable and functional, the Fitbit Luxe might be the right choice for you. 124 x 208 pixels are the same as in the original Luxe.

There's a connecting technique dubbed “bridge” that transports data via Bluetooth in these new devices, according to one source. For the sake of clarity, Wear OS has a different method of communicating with smartphones.

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