There are some users who will be denied access even though T-Mobile denies restricting iCloud Private Relay

Customers of T-Mobile in the United States may have been unable to use iCloud Private Relay on their iPhones when connected to cellular data due to a fault in iOS 15.2.

iOS 15’s iCloud Private Relay adds an additional degree of privacy by blocking others from seeing the websites you visit, exactly like with a virtual private network (VPN). First, online traffic from iPhone and Mac users is routed through an Apple server before being routed again through a third-party server.

T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T have all stated that they will not be stopping their customers from adopting Apple’s innovative privacy feature. An AT&T representative said the company does not restrict iCloud Private Relay, while a Verizon official confirmed that it works on both cellular and Fios internet connections.

The European Commission was notified of Vodafone, Telefonica’s and Orange’s concerns about iCloud Private Relay in an open letter. The letter explained that iCloud Private Relay prevents networks and servers from accessing “vital network data and metadata” and could have an effect on “operator’s ability to efficiently manage telecommunication networks”.

T-Mobile explained in a statement to 9To5Mac that a fault in iOS 15.2 was to blame for a recent problem with iCloud Private Relay.

A flaw in iOS 15.2 caused iCloud Private Relay and other device settings to be turned off by default, which was discovered by the firm. Because this problem didn’t affect just T-Mobile customers, some Verizon and AT&T customers were also unable to use iCloud Private Relay on their devices because of it.

Fortunately, a solution to the problem exists. Wi-Fi must first be turned off and then the Settings menu on the iPhone must be opened in order to use iCloud Private Relay on mobile data. After selecting Cellular, you’ll need to decide on a plan and confirm that “Limit IP Address Tracking” is turned on. After that, you should be able to use iCloud Private Relay on both cellular and wireless networks without any issues.

As long as Apple’s privacy feature is enabled, it will be impossible for some T-Mobile customers with plans that include content filtering (e.g. parental controls) to use iCloud Private Relay. With T-Mobile’s parental control software, you can still monitor what your children see online when using one of the best iPhone VPNs, even if you have a data plan that doesn’t include a VPN.

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