The world’s first telescopic macro lens for smartphones is unveiled by Tecno

Tecno first previewed their sensor-shift IS technology for smartphone cameras in mid-December, and now the company is launching a telescopic macro lens that promises to improve not only the quality of macro images but also the overall experience of taking them.

Tecno world's first telescopic macro lens

As shown in the video below, this is a telephoto macro lens that extends from the body and allows you to snap close-up photographs without having to get too near to the subject. It has a 5x optical zoom and, according to the company, the end effect is comparable to that of the main camera. With today’s macro cameras, that’s something we haven’t seen before. The technology also enables a larger aperture, which is critical for successful photography.

Tecno also claims that the design is compact and does not require large housing, but does not elaborate.

The business did not specify when a Tecno smartphone with the new telescopic lens will be available, but it will undoubtedly be this year.

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