The vivo X70 Pro+ Phone, which will be Launching on September 9, will have a Zeiss T* Camera Lens

The X70 will feature a unique ISP, and today we found out when it will be available. On September 9, the company confirmed the launch date of the phone, which includes photos and some details of the camera arrangement.

The Zeiss T* camera that will be on the new flagship phone will be similar to what Sony uses for the Xperia 1 smartphone line. T* is a unique lens coating designed by Zeiss, the German optics manufacturer, which eliminates glare from stray light.

Images show an island camera, with four periscope telephoto cameras positioned in an L. Besides a large mirroring glass panel, there is hardly no technological benefit to the design, but a place to put the company's name and logo.

vivo X70 Pro+
(Image credit: GSMArena)

It's reasonable to believe that the orange colour is imitation leather, a feature we've seen previously in 's X flagships for the past year. We know nothing about the other phones in the X70 family at this point, and the rumours are all about the X70 Pro+ because it is expected to be built around the Snapdragon 888+, but the predecessor to the X70 Pro+, the X60 Pro+, already utilises the Snapdragon 888.

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