The same engineer who implemented USB-C on the iPhone has now done the same for the AirPods

Previously on the site, we discussed two of Ken Pillonel’s viral adaptations. Pillonel was the first to successfully install a USB-C connector into a modified iPhone X back in November. Then, in April, Pillonel installed a Lightning port in a Samsung Galaxy A51. These demonstrations prove that universal connectors can be used in goods even if the original manufacturer has no interest in doing so.

As of late, Pillonel has been hard at work developing a protective cover for AirPods. In the opening scene of the video, Pillonel calls Apple, where he is assured by a representative that “it’s more inexpensive just to replace the case out” if the charge port or battery is damaged.

Replacement batteries for AirPods may be found easily and for a low price. However, as the unique Lightning connector is not sold separately, a donor case would be required to replace the charging port of an AirPods case. A custom solution for a USB-C port would have to be created for Pillonel.

Pillonel's designs are available to the anyone who wants to make them
Pillonel’s designs are available to the anyone who wants to make them

Pillonel's designs are available to the anyone who wants to make them



Next, we tried to open the AirPods case, but it proved impossible without ruining the device. Ken came up with a new case for the AirPods that can be taken apart and put back together with ease should the battery or connector ever need to be replaced.

With Pillonel’s open-source ideas, anyone who wants to take on this project can do so. He thinks more AirPods cases can be repurposed and saved from the landfill if these methods are made available to the general public.

AirPodsDirtySecret.com has a form for interested buyers to submit their email addresses on if they want to purchase a kit, but this will only happen if there is sufficient demand.

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