The release of Google’s Pixelbook in 2023 has apparently been scrapped

Google has shown its dedication to improving areas outside of Android in the past year, with the release of Android 12L for tablets and the upcoming Pixel Watch for wearables. According to a report from The Verge, Google has scrapped plans to release a new Pixelbook laptop early next year. This news comes as a disappointment to those who were looking forward to Google’s expansion into laptops next year.

Employees that were working on the Pixelbook were moved to other teams after the project was canceled as part of Google’s ongoing efforts to reduce overhead. The Verge recalls that in the future, Google is “planning to make Pixelbooks,” as the company’s head of hardware Rick Osterloh had previously told the publication.

“Google doesn’t share future product plans or personnel information,” a Google spokesperson told The Verge. “However, we are committed to building and supporting a portfolio of Google products that are innovative and helpful to our users.”

Google Pixelbook Go
Google Pixelbook Go

On October 6, Google is expected to announce new hardware, including the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, a new Pixel Watch, and even new Nest Home hardware. Google is on pace to introduce a Pixel foldable device some time in 2023, though it won’t be at the upcoming event.

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