The Quality of Live Video on Twitter is Being Improved Thanks to the Removal of a Function

Twitter made the announcement on Tuesday that it will be deleting a function from its live broadcasting tool in order to improve the quality of your video broadcasts.

Where have all the people gone? This means you can no longer pre-invite visitors to join you in a broadcast before it goes live. It was added to the app in March of 2020. The only thing viewers will see when you go live is you and whoever is in the shot. People can still interact with you in the chat or by tapping to add a heart while you broadcast.

Aside from its Clubhouse-like Spaces option for shared live audio, which Twitter says is aimed at improving video quality, Twitter offers another capability for sharing video. Since Twitter live video now lets you do more with spaces than before, it’s possible the business decided it was redundant to offer both and is now focusing on the function that has greater traction.

A similar modification was made in September to improve video quality on the platform, as new films posted there will be less pixelated going forward. Not much of a change has occurred so far, but I’ll take what little improvement there is.

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