The November Security Update for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is Already Available

In the past, Samsung has done this thing where it releases a security patch sometimes even before Google. A Samsung device may receive the next month’s security update at the very end of a month, but the time lag is increasing.

As an example, the company began rolling out the November security patch to Galaxy S21 Ultra units purchased in Germany just a few hours ago, on October 25. New record: six days before the “security patch level” you’ll have after applying this update – on November 1, 2021. This is unprecedented. Owners of the S21 Ultra can look forward to a bright future.

So far, it’s only available in Germany, but the rollout is expected to quickly expand throughout the rest of the world in the coming days. Security and bug fixes are the only things mentioned in the changelog.

It’s a 222MB download, and once it’s done, you’ll be running G998BXXS3AUJ7 as your operating system version.

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