The new 4K Apple TV comes with an A15 Bionic processor and Ethernet

The TV 4K video player has been upgraded by the company and is now available. The updated version has a more powerful CPU, enhanced HDR capability, and superior connectivity.

The is the system-on-chip of the new Apple TV 4K. It is unclear if this processor is identical to the one in the iPhone 14 models or a scaled-down version of it, as Apple does not disclose the core counts or clock rates. The business claims that compared to the A12 Bionic in the prior generation model, the new model's CPU is 50% quicker and the GPU is 30% faster.

Along with Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG, the new model also supports the higher-resolution HDR10+ standard. In terms of technical specifications, HDR10+ is quite close to Dolby Vision; however, it is somewhat less widespread, with just Amazon Prime Video providing HDR10+ content.

However, it's plausible that Apple has plans to begin releasing HDR10+ versions of its own video libraries alongside other formats. The fact that some TV manufacturers, particularly Samsung, do not support Dolby Vision but do support HDR10+ could be to blame. Being the current market leader in television production and the creator of the HDR10+ standard means that Samsung is not expected to adopt the competing Dolby Vision standard any time soon.

Finally, a USB-C charging port has replaced Lightning on the Siri Remote.

There will be two new 4K Apple TV models. The 128GB model adds Gigabit and support for the Thread mesh networking protocol, making it possible to manage other devices that use the Thread standard in the smart home. The 64GB model only offers Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.

Apple TV 4K Remote

Apple TV 4K port


This Friday, November 4, is the official release date for the Apple TV 4K. Prices range from $129 for the 64GB device to $149 for the 128GB variant with Ethernet. This HD model is no longer available.

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