The latest Google Messages update displays iPhone replies as emojis

A new feature has been added to 's messaging app today. Now, “much like when you're texting with someone who's using an Android smartphone,” Google adds, the app can show reactions as emojis in Messages by Google. For the time being, this feature will only be available on English-speaking devices.

In the next step, video clips transmitted via can be shared as links to Google Photos within the discussion. A high-quality version of the video will now be available to iPhone users via Google Photos, rather than being transmitted to them over MMS. If you want to send images in the future, you'll be able to do so in the same way.

Android users may now “share attractive, high-quality photographs and videos with one another” thanks to Google's RCS standard. Apple should “join the rest of the mobile industry and implement RCS” in order to “make texting better and more secure, no matter what device you select,” Google urges.

Other enhancements to Google Messages include an Organized inbox, which automatically divides your messages into Personal and Business tabs based on the sender's name or company name. To reduce clutter, one-time password messages can be set to be deleted after 24 hours. After first debuting in India, this feature is now coming to the United States.

Reminders in the form of gentle nudges prompt you to respond to communications you may have missed or simply forgotten (Gmail does this too). Prior to the rest of the world, this will only be available for English speakers.

You'll also be reminded of a friend's birthday when you open Messages or jump into a discussion with them if you've saved their birthday in your phone's contacts.

Over the coming weeks, all of these changes will be implemented.

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