The KB5017390 upgrade for Windows 11 has been released in advance of the rumored 22H2 rollout

Now that KB5017390 has been posted, is anticipated to begin pushing out 22H2 to consumers later this month in stages. There are a few tweaks and fixes in this new cumulative update for 11 22H2 in the Beta and Release Preview Channel.

The upgrade to Windows 11 found in KB5017390 is not a major one and does not provide any new features. On the other hand, the ability to delete apps with interdependencies using Windows 11's new Settings interface appears to have been disabled.

Microsoft has previously stated that starting with Windows 11 version 22H2, you'll be able to use Settings to uninstall apps that have dependencies on one another (Steam and gaming apps running on Steam). Settings > Apps > Installed apps is no longer a place to manage app dependencies or fix damaged Win32 applications.

The function will probably be brought back at a later date. Keep in mind that you can still make changes and uninstall Win32 programs without causing any dependencies to break. Also, the Control Panel has always been there to uninstall software.

Windows 11 KB5017390

Microsoft claims to have resolved an issue where certain customers were unable to launch File Explorer due to the explorer.exe crashing immediately after the program was started. Users have reported that File Explorer will not open if the option to “launch folder windows in a separate process” is selected.

In addition, the problem where users couldn't tap or select buttons in File Explorer's upper area has been fixed. Full-screen instances of File Explorer were said to trigger the problem. A malfunctioning command bar in Windows 11's File Explorer has been addressed. This prevented users from accessing common menu options like copy, paste, and even the trash can.

Here's a list of all bug fixes:

  • Microsoft patched an issue that created a duplicate print queue.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue that affected Roaming User Profiles. When this happens, Windows couldn't restore certain settings when you sign in or sign out

For one user, Microsoft knows that tapping the network icon on the Lock screen has no effect. Users are advised to restart their computers if they experience problems, as this bug could cause the Windows lock screen to freeze or crash.

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