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The JioBook, an ARM laptop running Windows 10, is currently under development by Jio

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Reliance-backed Jio’s network in India and low-cost subsidized handsets have made it a popular brand in the country. The JioPhone Next was released just lately, and the JioPhone 5G will follow soon after. Rumors about a Jio laptop have been circulating for some time now. Even a hardware certification document has lately acknowledged it. In addition to being ARM-based rather than x86-based, and approved to run Windows 10 for ARM, the paper contains no further information about the device.

JioBook certification
JioBook certification


The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of the laptop in question, “Emdoor Digital Technology Co., Ltd.” is also mentioned in the petition. Hardware like this may be found in Shenzhen, where the company is situated. Since we already knew the device’s “product name,” “QL218 V2.2 JIO 11.6 20220113 v2,” would be, we decided to poke around on Emdoor Digital Technology’s website and discovered an extensive “218-series” lineup. All of these devices, however, are powered by an x86 CPU, such as an Intel or AMD model. We can’t tell which of the two chassis Jio will be employing just by looking at them; their aesthetics are so unlike. Emdoor Digital Technology appears to be tailoring its products to Jio’s specifications.

Emdoor Digital Technology Co., Ltd. 218-series of devices
Emdoor Digital Technology Co., Ltd. 218-series of devices

Whatever the final form of the JioBook may be, we can be confident that it will be reasonably priced.

Via GSMArena
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