The Galaxy S22 from Samsung now comes in a brand-new color

With the release of the Galaxy S22, has introduced a new color option.

The South Korean manufacturer claims their new bora purple color “embodies optimism and a sense of tranquility.” The Korean term for “purple” is “bora.” To “evoke joy, encourage creativity, and embrace individuality,” the Galaxy S22 is painted a vibrant shade of bora purple.

The Galaxy S22 will be the first Samsung gadget to offer the bora purple hue, and the company promises that “exciting new Galaxy devices” will follow later in the year. That's probably a reference to Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4, both of which are rumored to be unveiled on the same day as the bora purple Galaxy S22 goes on sale to the general public.

At press time, it was unknown if the bora purple S22 would be available in local stores. When we have more information, we will post an update.

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