The case for the rumored Apple iPhone 14 Pro suggests that the device’s cameras will get an upgrade

Curious about what an iPhone 13 Pro would look like in a case made for the next-gen iPhone 14 Pro? Here you go. Someone online has gone to the bother of tracking down an iPhone 14 Pro case, dressing up an iPhone 13 Pro in it, and then showing us the resulting device.

This demonstrates how the camera lenses on the iPhone 14 Pro will be much larger compared to those on the iPhone 13. In order to accommodate the larger camera rings, the case’s camera “island cutout” has also increased in size, and not by a negligible margin.

iPhone 14 Pro case on an iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 14 Pro case on an iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 14 Pro case on an iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 14 Pro case on an iPhone 13 Pro


This disparity in size may have a very simple cause. It has been speculated that this year’s iPhone Pro models would feature an upgraded ultrawide camera from Apple, with a new sensor that is significantly larger than the previous one.

In order to accommodate it, a larger camera lens ring was added to the phone’s rear. It’s possible that this design stems from Apple’s desire to maintain symmetry (or to placate folks with OCD) by keeping all three lenses the same size.

Since the camera component is now quite obviously taking up much more than 50% of the horizontal space on that rear, it remains to be seen how strange the new, enlarged cameras will look in practice on the smaller iPhone 14 Pro. Anyway, on Wednesday, during Apple’s special launch event, we’ll likely learn everything there is to know about the company’s new phones, so stay tuned for that.

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