The Amazfit PowerBuds Pro can Track your Posture and Heart Rate, Offer Different ANC Modes

Amazfit, creator of smart bands, watches and other products, is talking up a TWS headset that will be presented tomorrow, October 12. The Amazfit PowerBuds Pro will assist track and protect your health and strive to be very nice headphones overall too.

For starters, they have an accelerometer, so they measure your posture and will remind you to stand up straight. Also, they will be able to track your heart rate, in case you don’t already have a band or a watch that does that. Also, they will manage the volume to avoid hearing damage.

Amazfit Posture detection
Posture detection
Amazfit Heart rate tracking
Heart rate tracking
Amazfit Hearing loss prevention
Hearing loss prevention


The buds will include a total of six microphones utilised for noise reduction. The official stats promise an astonishing 40 dB noise reduction and it will be smart — the buds have multiple settings optimised to reduce indoor, transport and sports-related noises. There will be a transparent mode too, of course.

Up to 40 dB noise cancellation
Amazfit Using 6 microphones
Using 6 microphones
Different noise cancellation modes


The buds will feature Liquid Crystal Polymer diaphragms, which is also used on luxury headphones. A dome design and a special acoustic chip ensure high-end audio quality too.

Don’t forget that there are new smartwatches on the road too. By the way, Amazfit debuted PowerBuds Pro in July (they go for $150/€130), so it’s not exactly obvious if this is just their premiere in China or if it’s a revised variant. More info coming shortly.

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